Uneven Wear

Uneven Wear

>When I bought my 87, I got a set of aftermarket 17s with Bridgestone Expedias
>mounted (from the previous owner). Fronts were TOTALLY shot on the inside
>tread...I mean totally. The remaining 4 treads were as new...have never seen
>tires worn like this. Basically a lousy alignment ruined a set of very
>expensive tires.
>Being smart, I swap the tires, left and right, so that the good rubber would
>be on the inside.

Smart? As you said, the tires were ruined, TOTALLY shot even, so no amount of switching them left or right is going to make 'em good again. How could you expect the steering or ride quality to improve then? Even if you got a _perfect_ alignment afterwards, the tires would still be shot, and a liability to use.

Maybe even more importantly, please bear in mind that the Expedias, like many high performance tires, have a _directional_ tread, which would reverse their rolling direction when swapping wheels with tires mounted. Not recommended. So, if you insist on swapping l/r, take the tires off the rims.

>that this problem won't happen again when I get new tires (who can afford
>it?!). Dealer says camber was way negative, but toe was OK. So off I go.

Lets face it: 928 love tires. In fact, they just gobble them up. I'm on my _third_ set (rear) of SO-1s (N2 spec) in just one year of Autobahn blitzing. Works out to about 5k miles per set. Perfectly even wear pattern all the way across, though, so I must have a lucky alignment. Fronts last longer, at a ratio of about 2:1. Don't want to put up with that? Get a Yugo....(sorry, not meaning to flame anyone).

Then another list member wrote:
>My tyres are worn completely on the inside too. Is changing them from left
>to right a good idea?

No, see above.

>I did order a set of new tyres (Mxx3).

Good choice. Make sure they're Porsche spec (N...), though.

>Should I keep the old ones?

Only if you plan to put them in your living room with a pane of glass on top.
Might make a nice coffee table.

*Thilo Corts; '87 S4 tire eater

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