Regarding 928 reliability: I decided a few days before the Porsche Parade that I would drive our 82 928 to Steamboat Springs; I was mildly concerned, since the car has 170K miles on it, but we've owned it for 12 years so I guess you could say we know the maintenance history. Over the course of two weeks I drove from Atlanta to Steamboat Springs in 1.5 days, after the Parade it was on to South Dakota to visit family (1 day, 800 miles), then back to Atlanta in just over one day of driving time; 4000 miles at speeds ranging from legal to ever so slightly over (trip average 70MPH+, including stops), mileage averaged 17+MPG, I used less than a quart of oil, and the 928 never missed a beat. I don't know of very many other 1982 cars that I would even attempt that trip in, and there sure aren't any that would be as comfortable (and I constantly have people who can't believe the car is as old as it is). As others have pointed out, YMMV, but in 12 years of ownership this car has failed me exactly twice; once in my garage many years ago, once within a mile of home a few years back--and the car has not exactly been pampered (many autocrosses, several track events at Sebring), but it has been maintained properly. So, for those lurkers thinking that all 928s cause problems, I'm one owner who hasn't had recurring problems--and I'm sure there are many more out there--it's just that when people have problems, this is the place they are going to come to for answers.

Now, if I can just get the tail light warning to stop coming on every time I turn the lights on.............

*Dick Kjellsen; Atlanta GA; 82 Silver 928

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