Tips for Internet Purchases

Tips for Internet Purchases

Below is some data from the FAQ located at

This FAQ has some good ideas regarding purchases through the net. I think this could be very usefull since we are not dealing with cheap items.

Medium to large transactions and international sales
For expensive items, additional precautions are
recommended. One good suggestion is escrow. In this
case, a third, trustworthy party acts as an intermediary.
Usually, the intermediary receives the buyer's check, and
notifies the seller to ship the merchandise with a return
receipt addressed to the intermediary. Once the
intermediary receives the receipt, the buyer typically
has a day or two to confirm that the goods are
as-advertised, then the intermediary forwards the payment
to the seller. Sometimes, especially with local
transactions, the intermediary may receive and/or examine
the merchandise directly. Also, some escrow services
accept credit cards for payment, a useful service in
international trades. Your lawyer may offer this
service, or you may contact the following services:

American Computer Exchange (MC/VISA)
(800) 786-0717 USA
Fee: 5-8%, min. $50
Boston Computer Exchange
(800) 262-6399 USA
Flat fee
Computer Classified Exchange Service
(216) 481-2563 USA
Fee: $20 up to $1000 transaction
Welcomes international sales, Subject: "Seller Info" or
"Buyer Info"
GuaranTrade (MC/VISA)
(913) 841-4483 USA
Fee: 5% up to $1500, min. $10, rate drops after $1500, Subject: "info"
(919) 682-7715 Durham, North Carolina
Fee: $5 up to $100, $10 up to $1000, $20 for $1000+
(813) 969-2803 USA
Fee: 4%, min. $10, max. $60
TradeSafe Online Corporation
(800) 994-6362 USA
Fee: $15 up to $300, declining from 5% to 1% thereafter
United Computer Exchange (MC/VISA)
(800) 755-3033 USA
Fee: 8-15%

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