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928 vs. CBR

928 vs. CBR

You 928 guys will enjoy this, taken off the CBR list:
(The CBR is a Honda motorcycle with up to 117 HP)

Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 19:53:20 +0000
From: "Eldberg"
Subject: [cbr] CAR vs BIKE silly mistake

On my way home today, I passed a line of cars that was stopped at a railway crossing. Among them was a Porsche 928-something. When the lights turned to "go", I set off at a leisurely 80mph, but noticed in the mirrors that the Porsche was approaching. So I got into 4th gear and was quickly at 135mph. Looked in the mirror again, and the car was right behind me. At the same moment, serious bends were approaching and there was no way to accelerate.

This guy probably goes home and brags to his friends that he caught up with a bike trying to outrun him. Argh! Next time, it's 5th gear and full throttle.

I remember a trip up the Malahat, open roads both ways, and a couple of bikes out for an early morning cruise. What the heck, BWAAAAA. I did not get the specs on what they were riding, they were very well dressed, atire coordinated with bike. They were both tucked right down behind the fairings, and about the time the wipers started bouncing a bit, they were NOT able to keep up. They caught up in some traffic and were very excited - one pulled alongside, thumb up, yelling "RIGHT ON!".

This (and Phil Tong's subsequent comment) prompts me to relate a little story
that happened about three weeks ago......

OK, you're on the Autobahn on a Sunday afternoon, traffic is medium heavy. Close your eyes (no, better keep them open or you'll miss the rest of this story and run into the armco......). You're approaching Frankfurt, heading south on the A5, and things clear up a bit (now that's a first). Time to put the hammer down. Two bright lights about a mile back catch your attention. Someone in a hurry. Nothing to worry about... The lights get closer, no it's not a car, but two CBR 900s, riding next to each other and closing FAST. Speedo reads about 240, this might get to be interesting. Move one lane right as they are about 50 feet behind you and it's full throttle time. They appreciate your move, give a nod. Back into the left lane, close behind them, keeping it floored. 250, 260, 270,....they are not pulling away anymore, but the slow folks in front (what are they doing in the left lane anyway?) move waaay right in a HURRY. CBRs are topping out, you're right with them, they see you keeping up in their mirrors. First one moves over to let you pass, the other one is about one hundred yards in front, just _blowing_ slow traffic out of the left lane.......Couple of miles, he lets you take the lead for a while, time to switch on ALL of your lights. Keep it flored, 270, 275, flying in formation now, even _you_ havn't seen other drivers get out of the way this fast before (startled expressions on some faces, shaking fists)....just don't lose momentum. Ooops, posted speed limit 120, check mirrors.....nothing that looks like an unmarked patrol (they have 321 hp M3s nowadays...) and you _know_ there weren't any stationary speed traps here last week, sooo... just keep it floored! Traffic forces you to slow down a bit (don't these fools ever check their rearview mirrors?), the CBRs have the edge on you up to about 240, so you let them pass again..... Just gotta make sure you don't lose their slipstream, giving other drivers a chance to pull into the gap... This switching back-and-forth keeps up for the better part of about 150 km, looks like you'll post a new record for the drive home... until the CBRs move right just before the Hockenheim exit (how fitting) and give you a big THUMBS UP. You return the gesture, they take the exit.... and you return to your mission to get home as quickly as possible..... true poetry in motion, SATISFACTION (ahem, no, not that kind.... but great fun anyway). Mission accomplished.

Thilo Corts
'87 S4

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