Sun Shade Recommendation

Sun Shade Recommendation

> What about the best interior windshield sun/heat shield to reduce
> wear and tear on the dash and other interior parts?
> I just started looking around for them and see quite a wide variety.
> Do they all work well, or is there really a difference between them?

Since I have to deal with Texas heat, I can vouch that all sunshades are _not_ created equally. Your best bet is a custom-fit sunshade that has reflective UV protection material sewn over a thick, sturdy (non-flexible) core. CoverCraft (the car cover manufacturer) makes them and they are well worth the money. I bought one for my wife's car last month, and after shopping around a bit, I got the best price at Big Sky Car Cover Outlet - 1-800-221-4875. They beat the competition by 20%. As a point of reference, the one for my wife's car cost $35+shipping; a larger one I bought for my truck was $45+shipping.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)

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