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Clutch Noise: Throwout Bearing?

Clutch Noise: Throwout Bearing?

> The only prob is a noise in the tranny. The
> owner said it was a throwout bearing. I'm
> wondering if this is a difficult fix. Any comments?
> Clutch has been replaced.

A new throwout bearing is part of a GOOD clutch job. If the problem really is a throwout bearing, the quality of the clutch job is questionable. Budget for a new clutch done by someone who knows what they are doing.

However, it may not be a bad throwout bearing. If the noise goes away when you lightly rest your foot on the clutch then the problem is a bad release arm bushing. Cheap and (relatively) easy to fix.


There are two tech bulletings Porsche put out on this problem which they said was due to something like
"unfavorable tolerances". The parts responsible are the release arm bearing, release arm & guide sleeve. The problem really lies with the guide sleeve and the bearing, but the newer bearing can only be used with the newer release arm so you have to update all three.

The clicking is actually the release bearing vibrating against the guide sleeve which runs through the middle of it. The space between the two is taken up by lubricant which when it dries up allows the two to vibrate against each other. The new parts actually have a slip fit so there is no room for vibration, and there is no lubrication required. In my case I did the job myself and purchased the updated parts from DEVEK(650-592-5287). They are familiar with the problem and the fix.
Good luck...

Angel Paredes
1989 GT

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