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Replacing Cabin Temperature Sensor

Replacing Cabin Temperature Sensor

That circular climate control temp sensor in the middle of my dashboard is missing several small pieces around its edge. How do I replace it?

Cost about $50 for the new sensor and lots of patience. The reason why the edge cracked in several pieces is the heating and cooling cycle of the dash. When the dash is hot, it expands and put pressure around the edge of the sensor. In order to remove the sensor, you need to reach behind the sensor and cut the nylon tie strap that was installed at the factory. Remove the sensor carefully by rotating the
sensor left/right as you gently pull it out slowly. If you just pull it out swiftly, you will tear the dash's vinyl cover.

When installing the new sensor, I purposely left it loose so that the sensor will float on the dash's surface. That way, the sensor will move with the dash as it goes through the heating/cooling cycle. It's been 8 years since R/R and still looks new.

Not positively sure on an '87, but on my '83S I simply removed the glove compartment and reached in. But then, I have small hands so that helps alot. The book way is to remove the center console. Not a small task... Behind the sensor you'll find a tube that goes to a small VDO motor. The purpose of this motor is to draw the interior air pass the sensor in order to get a better measurement of the temperature. Another fine example of Porsche's obsessive engineering.

Seriously, the book way is the only way that I would attempt to do this due to all of the wiring connectors, plastic cable ties etc that are necessary to remove and reinstall properly. Believe me I have tried many shortcuts, but in the long run it is always easier for me to just go ahead and remove the center console. Plus I have really BIG hands.;-)

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