Oil Changing Tips

Oil Changing Tips

I do my own oil changes, since it's not difficult. Also, where I live, I don't get charged to recycle the oil. I suspect any major "oil change" outlet can do a thorough job, but make sure they use quality oil and filters. Better yet, supply them with an OEM filter and new drain plug crush ring to be sure.

The only "trick" that I am aware of is: fill the new filter 3/4 before installing it. After putting in 8 or more quarts of oil, disconnect the coil wire(s) to the distributor(s) and crank until the oil pressure light goes out. Reconnect the wires and you are done.

BTW, if you do the job yourself, be sure to use a 12 quart catch to collect the drained oil. Nothing is more dramatic than draining 8 or more quarts into a 6 quart container.;^(

[Also, while you're under there, snug up all the oil pan bolts. These seem to have a tendency to work loose, sometimes to the point of falling out! However, don't make them very tight because you might snap the bolt. Also, the gasket is cork, so you do not want to crush it. See bad experience under tip "Oil Pan Gasket Leak" -- Ed.]

Also, while you're under there, go ahead and inspect the engine mounts to see whether they need to be replaced. There are several ways to tell if the mounts are worn. I think the best way is to measure the amount of free space between the mounts and their safety hooks. If the gap between them is large enough to insert your index finger, the mounts are worn. If the space is too narrow to insert your pinky, they are fine. Anywhere in between, they are wearing.

Ed Ruiz

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