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928 and 911

928 and 911

I went to the Cleveland German Car Show last Sunday and just wanted to report in.

There were lots of really nice cars and they were all German!! There were only three of us 928s there and we were in the parking lot. The other two were a '80 & '81 (I peeked at the VIN #s). They were in nice shape and had less miles then mine.

I have to admit the fun of this show was driving there. It isn't often that Paul and I drive separately in our own cars. Paul had the 911 and the kid, and I took the 928. We were almost there and we found ourselves side by side at a red light in front. Anyone want to guess what we did when the light turned green? Paul eased back as I hit 70mph, I'm guessing it's cause he had the kid. Some day I'd like to try that again for real. I think I could beat him no problem.

I pulled into the parking lot and before I closed the door, someone offered to buy the car. A group formed and they all seemed to know 928s pretty well, talking about what a classic grand tourer it was and what a shame they don't make them any more.

The fun really started on the way home. We traded cars. Let me tell you, the best part about driving the 911 is watching how beautiful the 928 is moving!! Don't tell Paul I said that. We ran into quite a bit of construction on the way home and three time I tried to down-shift into 4th only to hear this horrible grinding noise. Trust me, Paul heard that. He pulled up to me and questioned what I was doing. I motioned that I couldn't get the car into 4th. He pulled ahead of me and then after a moment had me pull up to him to inform me that I was actually trying to put the car into reverse and would I please cut it out. I was so embarassed, I almost got out of the car because I didn't deserve to drive it!! I can't help it if the 911 has the wrong shifting pattern!!

Paul seemed to have a throttle problem in my car. Next thing I knew he was going over 90 MPH !

The 911 is fine, another example of a well-designed, abuse-taking German car. Though every day this week the car has been gone when I looked for it. I don't think Paul wants me driving it any more!

Next week it's off to another driver's school. This time I'm going to see if I can get some speed going.


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