Speaker Replacement Advice

Speaker Replacement Advice


For Doors, retain existing tweeters, replace large speakers with JBL40s. Door speaker installation will require separating the speaker from the mounting rim, easily done with a dremel moto-tool and small cutter bit (looks like a dentist's drill bit). Go around and around the seam between the speaker and the mounting rim with the cutter until the ring separates from the speaker. Place speaker in door cutout, place mounting ring over the speaker, and attach with screws through both pieces, then screw on speaker grill.

For Rear Seat, replace with JBL60s. Take existing speaker, and cut mounting frame from the speaker for re-use in installing the new speakers. Easily done with same Dremel tool using a heavy duty cutoff wheel. With speaker in a vertical orientation (back of speaker facing your legs) cut frame at bend where the frame transitions from vertical to horizontal. When you're done, the speaker should be held in the frame only by the rubber material of the speaker surround. Clean up your cut, then you may want to spray paint the results to avoid any possibility of rust. Then using a two-part epoxy putty, form a small rope of epoxy (1/4inch dia?), and lay it into the groove on the face of the JBL speaker. Make sure it is continuous bead of epoxy. Place the cut frame on a flat surface, and then press the speaker onto the frame. making sure it is centered on the frame. Press down firmly, let dry 24 hours, and then re-install same as original speaker.

For Rear Quarter Panel, replace with JBL40s. Rear quarter panel speakers will require use of JBL grills.

Steve - 87S4/auto/GPW

Another option for door spakers are Blaupunkt PCXT402 4" Coaxial speakers. Very good sound. They mount right in the existing holes for the larger door speakers. The speakers and grills are mounted using the existing screw patern already in the door panel. You can use the existing speaker wire, but you have to modify the smaller of the two female connectors as the smaller male connectors are larger on the new speakers than the original.


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