Emissions Testing on Modified Car

Emissions Testing on Modified Car

I took my 928S4 in for it's emissions test today. The car has after market performance chips, and a cat bypass pipe on it. I had been kind of wondering how things would go when emission test time came around because of that.

Well the car passed the test about as easily as it passes Yugos on the highway. It easily passed the tail pipe sniffer part. There is some sort of gas cap test that they do. They took a quick peek. I have a gas cap. I pass the gas cap test. They used to do a visual inspection under the car to check for a catalytic converter. Either they stopped doing that test completely, or they just didn't do it on my car. I had been told before that the people that do the testing aren't exactly rocket scientists, especially when it comes to Porsches, so you could bluff your way through the visual check by saying the two smaller mufflers are the converters. After today, I believe this completely. They had some trouble figuring out what kind of car it was. I think that the S4 may have confused them or something.

Tester: "So...um...this is 924 model Porsche?"
Me: "No, it's a 928."
Tester: "Oh...okay."

'88 928S4 (Not a 924) Black/Black linen

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