Windshield Washer Check Valve Replacement

Windshield Washer Check Valve Replacement

Is windshield washer fluid oozing out from your nozzles?
If so, here's the solution:

I've received several requests for the check valve replacement procedure. You will need a flat screwdriver, a wire cutter (end cutting works best ), a needle-nose pliers and either some kite string or wire.
1) remove the two black caps under the windshield washer jets.
2) disconnect the hose on the driver side jet, from the jet, and secure the string or wire to the end of this hose
3) carefully pull the hose assembly (consists of the hoses, Y-connectors, and check valves) out through the passenger side opening beneath the passenger side jet
4) cut the clamp over the hose for the check valve
5) pull the hose off the valve and insert the corresponding end of the new valve into the hose
6) pull the hose off the opposite end of the old valve and connect it to the new valve. Note that these valves are directional. Keeping the proper orientation is not hard if you replace the valves one at a time, one end at a time. The ends are sufficiently different that following this method should keep you from reversing their orientation
7) repeat the above process until all 4 (intensive washer cars) or both (nonintensive washer system cars) valves are replaced
8) Carefully feed the hose/valve assembly back through the opening under the passenger side jet into the hood while your assistant gently pulls the string/wire to guide the hose to the driver's side opening
9) recover the driver side end of the hose and reconnect it to the driver side jet with a needle-nose pliers
10) disconnect your string/wire, and replace the two hood plugs (driver side with the heater element wires, passenger side with this wire and the hose(s) from the washer reservoir(s) )

Enjoy drip-free driving.

Jerry Magolan
1991 928GT (black/cashmere)
PCA Hurricane Region
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