Rear Muffler Bypass - Sounds Great!

Rear Muffler Bypass - Sounds Great!

Fellow Sharksters:
Got my rear muffler bypass from Dave @ 928 Specialists a few days ago, installed today and just got back from test drive. If you don't have one already, GET ONE!

The tone that emanates from the tail pipe is nicely unobtrusive while at idle,and then when you depress the accelerator, develops a very nice low tone burble,pleasantly loud, but not enough to get you in trouble should you happen to have a gendarme in the area. Performance may have picked up slightly, but that may be psychological. Either way, it definately gets the juices flowing.

Installation is quite simple for those with moderate mechanical ability
(that's me). Here's what I needed:

1 can penetrating oil
1 13mm combo wrench
1 ratchet with 13mm socket
1 screwdriver (to pry pipes apart)
1 floor jack ( to support exhaust system after dropping muffler)
45 minutes

If you can afford custom exhaust, I'm sure that's much better, but if
you can't, or don't want to mess with it, the RMB is the answer!

Jeff Walker
86.5 Weissgold Auto
928 Owner's Club

P.S. - Totally unsolicited endorsement

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