Hatch Release doesn't Stop Running

Hatch Release doesn't Stop Running

>I went to release my rear hatch the other day and the motor continued to
>cycle until I pulled the fuse (#26, I believe, recycles the rear hatch
>latch, 1 amp). Everything works OK with the fuse out, the motor does not
>recycle automatically, but holding open the switch will realign the
>When I try to replace the fuse, the motor just starts right up and
>continues until I pull it again. Does anyone have any experience with
>this problem? Any help would be appreciated.
>Thanks. John Homs
>1986.5 928s

Fuse No. 26 supplies power to a circuit in the hatch release motor that
goes thru a sort of commutator with a segment cut out. When the motor
get to the cut out portion, it cuts off the power from Fuse 26, and the
motor stops. After twelve years of usage, you probably have a lot of
copper smeared over onto the cut out portion, and the motor continues to
run. You can remove and dissassemble the motor, and clean the cut out
portion. Don't use any super oils on the motor - if it coasts long
enough to get over the cut out, it will continue to run!

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists

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