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Nitrous Oxide 928

Nitrous Oxide 928

>There was a 928 from Pennsylvania at the 928 Frenzy II with a pretty blue bottle
>in the trunk. Looked like Dave Roberts enjoyed his ride

Enjoyed is a MAJOR understatement, I still smile when I think about Jan punching his very healthy 5L Euro, WebCam'd BEAST. Heck it was one of the stronger 928s I have seen even before he hit the "Magic Button". Actually my back is still hurting from the extreme pressure that little "Bottle Fed" 80 928 put out ;-)

Jan did a terrific job on that fire breathing dragon, I have no doubt it was pushing well over 500hp when on the "gas". From what he told me he had less than $3k in the complete project.

Here is his "formula" if memory serves me correctly (my brain is still somewhat scattered from the ride;-)

Started as an 80 4.7L Euro S., Ported/polished the heads, mated those to an 86 5L block using the Euro crank and cutting the proper clearance in the 5L pistons for the Euro Valves, popped in WEBCAMs hottest cams that can be used with Hydraulic lifters and then topped it off with NOS. Heck he hadn't even installed headers yet !!

The thing that actually amazed me the most was how tight the car was, when he punched it in first with the NOS the 928 fishtailed up the road till he let off, no squeaks, noises, creaks, moans, or pops. I would have bet money the whole rearend would have flown out from under it. The experience actually boosted my already high faith into how much power and stress the 928 drivetrain can really handle. He has been running it this hard for over 2000 miles so far and all is well so far.

My hat is off to Jan for a great project for very little money and TONS OF FUN !!!.

I know that NOS is not for everyone and it is not meant to be some world class road racer, but I assure you Jan is out there on the street having a Blast and making a lot of Mustang "Bottle Babies" think again before they mess with a 928!!!

David Roberts

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