Aluminum Body Panels on 928, or Not?

Aluminum Body Panels on 928, or Not?

>I was under the impresion that the doors were originally designed to be
>aluminum (along with hood, front fenders..) but side impact requirements in
>the US forced Porsche to go to steel doors.
>Is this true or have I been missinformed?

You've been misinformed...Both of my 928's have aluminum doors, front fenders and hoods...Neither of them is a "Eurospec" car...Both are standard issue U.S.A. sold cars...You can easily test for the presence of steel with a small refrigerator magnet...

Bob East
86.5 928 S Guards Red, auto
87 928 S4 Guards Red, 5spd.

they are aluminum!!!!!! not steel the only steel body parts are the top, rear hatch and rear quarterpanels.
thats it.

My '83 door shells are aluminum. Braces inside the doors are steel.
Inside door shells are also aluminum.
*David Kelly

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