Squeal Reduction

Squeal Reduction

> Anyone know how I can stop my 88 brakes from squealing? They squeal
>horribly from mainly the front, I think, but only at slow speeds and
>coming to a full stop. I send people in toll-booths scurring for cover,
>they are so loud.

Check for missing vibration dampers. Brakeshops (and dealerships) are
notorious for not installing them.
*Walt Konecny
88 S4 A/T

I had a similar problem with my 88S4. New pads and turned rotors didn't help. I asked the friendly folks at 928 International if they had any ideas and they recommended a set of their pads (guaranteed not to squeal). I went with them and only have an occasional squeal when backing up now. I can live with that. Sorry I don't recall the brand of pads but if you contact them, I'm sure they will help. They're well worth the $50 or so for the pads.
*John Schneider

Upon turning rotors, there is sometimes a small bit of metal remaining on them that appear as rings. These very small and thin "rings" will burn off very quickly and some of the metal fragments will end up in you new pads and cause a squeal even on "squeal proof" pads. What works for me is a little light sanding on the rotors prior to assembly.
*Curt VanNatta

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