Starting Failure, Intermittant

Starting Failure, Intermittant

My 88 S4 had developed a problem where, after sitting for a period of time, would not start. The engine would turn over, but would not fire. I descovered that rapping with my hand on the floorboard above the fuse box would fix the problem and the car would start and run just fine. At first, the problem would surface once every few weeks. As time went on it got more frequent until recently when it was just about every time it was started. I suspected a relay and trouble shot the problem by gently tapping the suspected relays with a pen until I got to the one which allowed the car to start. It turned out to be relay XXV (25) which is labeled LH Jetronic. A call to Dave Roberts fixed me up in a few day.
WooHoo! Another gremlin squashed!!

I just wanted to share the story in case you run into similar problems.


Mike Clemens
88 S4 auto.. Granite Green

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