Rotor Removal

Rotor Removal

>Over the weekend I was going to replace brake pads and fluid... Well I
>cannot remove the phillip head screws holding the rotors in place.. I heated it
>with a propane torch to no avail ... along with stripping the head if the screw...
>Well my question is...
>Do I drill them out or would any of you have a better soloution???
>And, by the way, where can I get new ones

The best way to get those out is by using an "impact screwdriver" they are available at most auto stores and really make it a breeze to remove those stuck rotor screws. However since you have already stripped the heads you have no choice but to carefully drill the screw heads off. Drill just enough of the head off to enable you to remove the rotor, this way you will have something to get a hold of so you can thread the rest of the screw out. Ironically you can usually just turn the leftover part of the screw with your fingers to remove once the rotor is off.

The replacement screws are available at most auto parts stores, the size is an M6 x 12. If you can't find them I keep factory replacements in stock and they are a whopping $0.50.

David Roberts

My solution to stripped and stubborn phillips screws is to take out the Dremmel Moto tool, cut a fairly deep slot across the top of the head that a screw driver won't slip out of. using a flat head screw driver, i can usually get it out. if that doesn't work try an impact driver. they're available at most hardware stores. i'm sure you can get new screws at the hardware store too. i'd make sure and get the highest quality ones possible though. Good luck.

Bobby W
'85 928 S 5spd

You do not have to replace the screws that hold the rotor on. The screws are there to hold the rotor on when its on the assembly line. I was told this from a porsche dealer. I have not replaced them, and have had no problems.

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