Rough Idle Correction on '86.5

Rough Idle Correction on '86.5

I have an '86.5, I improved my starting and idle characteristics by fixing several things.
First there were numerous hoses under the intake manifold that were cracked or brittle. I replaced all of the hoses and vacuum lines. I replaced the Idle stabilizer to help correct the idle, this helped a lot. I took the old one apart and the points in it were completely worn away. I had the injectors cleaned, this seemed to help the car start quicker and idle smoother. I had one leaky injector. I had another large "false air leak" in the intake system at the valve in the throttle body. I rebuilt the throttle body with a new washer from a local repair shop. I had a broken wire from the intake air temperature sensor, I spliced in a
new connector. I then needed to readjust the mixture to lean it out from the previous setting.
After these few repairs BWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHH, the car starts quicker, has much better low end response and is a heck of a lot more fun to drive.

>accelerate there is momentary hesitation like the engine is
>starved for fuel.

Or to rich? this was my case after I fixed some things.

>However, if I let the engine idle for a minute or two there is no

The O2 sensor would have warmed up then and would be adjusting the mixture.

> My fuel mileage does not seem to be affected. I routinely get
>between 18 and 22 mpg. Does anyone know if this is normal for my model

I haven't checked my mileage in awhile, but this sounds right. It's almost a sin to get this good of gas mileage in this car ;^). And I like to check the firmness of the floorboard under the gas pedal and the headrest whenever I can! I get a nice reminder too, the auto trans shifts at 75mph.

Hope this helps,
Ken Postma '86 928S Auto

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