Questions from a 944 Owner

Questions from a 944 Owner

> I am new to the 928 list. I've owned a 944 for a few years and am now
> considering purchasing a 928. I've got a couple of questions.

Welcome to the 928 list!
I have never owned a 944, but have had several rides in various
models that a couple of friends have owned over the years. You
will really enjoy the smooth V8 torque and wide power band of the
928 vs. the 944, not to mention the significantly nicer interior!
And the muscular V8 exhaust sound (especially with a rear muffler

> Does the Power steering rack have the same type of leaking problems?

Mine was replaced by the previous owner, and since the mileage on
my car is quite low (still under 70,000) I have to assume it was
due to seal leakage and not wear. Rebuilt units are readily available
at a reasonable cost however.

> what kind of gas milage is normal?

Depends on what you consider "normal" driving to be... ;^)
A couple of months ago, I did a four-and-a-half hour highway trip
where I exercised incredible self-discipline and kept the car
between 60-70mph the whole trip. Any passing was done by fifth-gear
roll-on only. This resulted in my "personal best" mileage ever of
32mpg. At 60 mph, the engine is only revving at 2100rpm in fifth,
but will still accelerate smoothly without complaint.
In spirited driving on the way to work - a scenic 25 mile two-lane
highway trip (unfortunately lots of traffic, but LOTS of passing!)
which includes lots of downshifting and full-throttle acceleration
and routine speeds of 75-110mph, my mileage drops to the 16-18mpg
"Conservative" city driving approximately 22-23mpg.
"Aggressive" city driving approximately 13-15mpg.

> The 911 owners on the tour said that the 928s have trouble in the
> twisties. Is that true?

>>On 10/27/98, "" wrote:

>>Yes, they keep running into the back ends of the 911, and are also unable
>>to effectively compete in that *slide-rear-end-first-into-the-countryside*

Could not have said it better myself Walt!!! ;^)

Happy hunting for your 928! You are going to really enjoy this list
and find it an invaluable information resource - I know I sure do...

Brad Orr
'78 928 Euro 5 speed

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