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Verranzano Narrows Bridge

Verranzano Narrows Bridge

Today there was an expressway closing on my way to work because of a car crash. I got on the expressway happily at an entrance after the crash and much to my enjoyment the highway was empty. This empty road and absence of authority vehicles made for a good opportunity to try for a new personal speed record in my 928.

As I approached the Verranzano Narrows bridge a fit of insanity hit me. When I got past the now defunct toll taking booths I down shifted and went full throttle. It's sunny out, my windows are up and the AC is on. I'm alone accelerating over the bridge, the wind noise is turning into a whistle and the engine is growling as it works in the upper RPM range pulling me up the inclined portion of the first half of the bridge. What a rush!

I finally lost my nerve shortly after I crested the bridge. The speedometer needle had crept a hair past 140. After years of engine work, transmission work, rubber gloves, dirty finger nails and plenty of money I finally got to try it all out.

John (1978 928 with a custom euro based engine.)

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