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Clutch Removal

Clutch Removal

>>Happened by my mechanics' shop (dropping off another payment), and
>>they had another 928 in for surgery. It was an '86 getting a new
>>clutch. (Mines an '85 awaiting a lottery jackpot for similar
>>procedure). They had the clutch on the floor of the garage, and the
>>rearend was still in the car, the torque tube was not moved to the
>>rear as per procedure. Must've been a huge time savings. Am I the
>>only one who thought that pretty much everything from the flywheel
>>back had to be loosened/moved arears to do a clutch R&R?

That's what you have to do to a 944, but the 928 makes the job easy (relatively). There's a stub shaft that can be pulled out of the clutch assembly, so the clutch can be dropped right down through the removable bottom of the bell housing.

-John White-
'84 928 S

The clutch removal isn't too bad, putting it back in is the fun part.

Start by making nice big legible marks on the flywheel and presure plates so you can realign the mess on install.

Get a drift punch and punch out the three pins that locate the pressure plates to the flywheel. Note that one is different than the other two, so make a note of where it came from.

Lever the release arm back, and if you have them (or can make them) use the C-clips to lock the pressure plate in the released position. As an alternative, slowly back off the pressure plate bolts in a rotating order to prevent warpage of the PP. Either way, unbolt the PP.

Next, unbolt the coupler for the driveshaft, and while holding the clutch up (it is very awkward, so an extra hand doesn't hurt here), slide the coupler back.

Now you can pull the stub shaft back about an inch or so, and drop (oops, I meant lower) the clutch assembly out the bottom.

While out, replace the pilot bearing. You will be glad you did.

Getting it back in is a two-man job as you have to get that blasted stub shaft to slide into the piot bearing. Once you have got it, the rest of the assembly is a breeze.

Hope this helps!

Marty Minnich
86.5 Indischrot 5-speed

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