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Clutch Pedal went Limp

Clutch Pedal went Limp

Help! My clutch pedal just went to the floor...and did not return. What is the most likely cause of this problem on a car with only 28,000 miles on it? What parts are likely in need of repair? What are estimated costs?
Thanks for your help!
88 928 5 speed

Dear Skip,

The most likely cause of the clutch pedal not returning is the clutch hydraulic hose. On my car ( 1991 928GT ) the part number is 928-423-077-07, and cost $124.18 in January of 1995 when mine went at 42976 miles.

Hope this helps,
Jerry Magolan
1991 928GT (Black/Cashmere)
Hurricane Region PCA

According to the service records from the PO this also happened to my 91 GT at about 25,000 miles. The records indicate that the technician fixed the problem my bleeding the clutch - presumably at the clutch slave cylinder. The shop manuals recommend bleeding the clutch slave cylinder when bleeding the brakes. If you have had recent brake service they may have forgotten to bleed the clutch.

If you don't find a broken hose you might try bleeding the clutch before calling the tow truck.

-- David Chamberland
91 928GT (Amazonagrunmetallic: Green. NO! Blue! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!)

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