Window Tint

Window Tint

>Any suggetsions on window tint?

Check out a product called Titanium Plus. It's made by a company called Llumar Window Film in Martinsville, VA. Phone is 540 627 3000. They have distributors nationwide.

PO put it in. Looks great and certainly works up here in the Northeast.

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David Lloyd
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79 Euro w/ track upgrades

It's been my experience that 3M window tint film is the best on the market.

-- Brian E. Buxton, Buxton Motorsports, Inc.

I just wanted to post a message regarding window tint for cars. I happen to be in this industry, and I was concerned about some misconceptions I have read on the list and in the 928OC tip list.

First, window tint quality varies greatly, so be sure that you know what is being put on your car. There are two types of film essentially, dyed and metal . Dyed films are the least expensive, and they will fade. It does not matter what brand you use, a dyed film will fade (turn purple) over time. The time it takes depends on where you live, and the exposure that the car is put through. Metal films will not fade, and they usually have a lifetime warranty backing them up. This is the only way to go.

Second, any reputable shop that has a good installer will be able to do all windows in a 928 in one piece. A shop that tells you that they must 2 or 3 piece the back or rear quarter windows is not using the latest techniques. My car is done properly if anyone wants to check it out in Wichita (928OC Convention).

Third, darker is not always better. Most reputable film companies products will stop 99% of the UV rays entering the window. This alone will stop about 40% of any fading/sun damage problem. This is true regardless if the film is very light(50%) or very dark(5%). As the film gets darker, you reject more heat and light, but a 5% film will not greatly outperform a 35% film. In my opinion, 35% is the best looking shade. It is just dark enough to look good, but does not give you that punk/drug dealer look.

Finally, there are basically three good window tint companies in the auto side of the business. Llumar, SolarGard, and Madico. I have noticed mention of 3M film, but they really do not rate on the auto side. They do make a nice film for the residential/commercial building market though. Of the above mentioned film companies, Llumar is the largest. They are an American company, and they are the only company to complete the entire manufacturing process in-house. Most other film companies buy some of their film components from Llumar. In my opinion, the Llumar ATR line of window film is the best out there. They also seem to have their film in the shops that are doing the best installs.

I hope this was somewhat informative and not too boring. If you have any questions about window tint, please post me directly.

Patric J. Fransko
86.5 AT

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