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928 vs. Vette

928 vs. Vette

> Sorry folks, but another vette owner gets to brag (legitmately) about
> dusting a 928. I passed a maroon & gold convertible on the highway.
> It was a pretty empty stretch of road, so I anticipated he may take a
> run at me. I saw his reflection from his headlights changing in the
> rearview, and downshifted into fourth (shoulda gone for third) and
> nailed it. Thought I was holding off his charge, but it turns out he
> was pacing me. He started to pull away, pretty slowly at first, than
> it was no contest when I hit fifth. Wasn't close, he was running away
> from me (but let me pass at 130). Couldn't tell what M/Y, had square
> tailights with the corners rounded, and they appeared louvered. Wish
> it was a ZR-1, but I don't think thats the case.
> To think this car used to deliver the same punch as my GTO! 104K
> shouldn't be any big deal with the attention its received!
> Steven T.
> 1985S 32v, 5spd, Jacobs, Autothority, K&N, Custom Exhaust

No contest in 5th, let you pass at 130?!?!?!? You should be in fourth until 145, I'd try it again. This time let 3rd roll until about 110, then go to 4th. And yes, you should have started in 3rd.

86 928S

I once raced an LT1 Vette (96 or 97 MY coupe) on the highway from about 60-120mph. He actually got a jump on me from behind then I put it down. He was not able to pass and I easily pulled away from him, probably four or five car lengths when I let out. Both cars were auto trans. I have yet to ever get beat by anything at those type of speeds. She's a little soft from a standing start but when at high speeds where horsepower is what counts, not much can touch her. Of course my car is a low mileage S4 and yours is a little older with a few more miles. Also by not choosing the lowest possible gear you let him get a jump. In a drag race, it is all about getting the advantage from the start. I wouldn't really tend to think anything is wrong with your car. LT1 vettes are quick and they have more aggressive rear end ratios than 928s. Take comfort in the fact that your car didn't break 10 miles later and wasn't squeaking and rattling down the road. Also I'm sure the results would be different if his car had 100K miles.
Steve L.
87 S4 auto

In 1979, Having recently picked up my newly restored '72 LT-1 'Vette. 350hp, Johnny Winters preped Turbo-400 transmission with 3.53:1 rear. I was on my way home at 3:00 am., when a '78 or '79 928 pulled along side. I dusted him from 60-120. Then, he downshifted, the rear end squatted, and away he went. It was then I knew what my next car would be. Haven't looked back since. Ya' had a bad day Steven. But a GREAT car! Porsche uber alles!

Dave '85 S Auto Schieferblau uber Dunkelblau.

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