Dash Recovering Service

Dash Recovering Service

Just recieved my rebuilt dash/pod/console from Just Dashes. They did a fabulous job, and the pieces look like they just came from the factory. I would recomend them to anyone. Here are the details:

#1 the problem I had with my glove door, dash, and console was crumbling or "bubbling" foam under the skin. My pod foam seemed ok but the skin was badly cracked.

#2 the system "Just Dashes" uses is to strip all the old skin and foam down to the original steel frame. they then mold new foam to the steel and cover that in a skin that is identical in texture to the original. I don't know if they do colors or not(mine were black) so if you are only doing one or two parts you might have to match color, but the piece itself will look as good or better than brand new.

#3 prices are as follows: dash $450.00
pod $280.00
console $280.00
glove door $120.00

#4 From all the people I have talked to I believe this is the only company in the country that does this service. they are very busy (turn around time from door to door is 4-6 weeks) phone is 1-800-247-3274 5941 lemona ave. Van Nuys, CA 91411

P.S. I believe they also repair the center"pull" section of the doors, but I don't know the price (mine were ok) happy to answer any other questions if any.


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