Illumination of Climate Control Panel

Illumination of Climate Control Panel

Green Dome writes:
> Could anybody please give me details of the wiring to the heater on my
> 1985 Euro. After having recently removed the radio for repair, I've
> noticed that the controls to the heater(fan control knob,sliders for
> temp and air flow)do not illuminate. The the other items on the centre
> console (ashtray, digital clock,!,remote door lock, A/C button) are
> still lighting up. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

There is exactly one lamp inside the heater controls for illuminating all you describe. Pulling the entire HVAC swtich assembly isn't too bad, there is a cable in the back, and another beside the fan switch. And 4 screws on the front. Then it comes out the front much like the radio.

Inside the assembly there are (4) fibre optic "wires" routing light from the bulb (which is in the back) to the sliding knobs, front panel, and fan switch. I just don't remember if the bulb can be changed without splitting the HVAC controls clambshell.

Whatever you do, don't try to pull the sliding knobs off. Unlike domestic product, the 928's HVAC sliders do not pull off without causing permanent damage. Replacement knobs were not too bad to buy, think they were under $4 each 5 years ago. *I* didn't break 'em, it happened before I bought the car. Probably by the same idiot who lost my fibre optic cables. I fabricated new. Problem is my knobs are now brighter than others I've seen.

'83 928S
David Kelly N4HHE, dkelly@nospam.hiwaay.net

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