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Cabin Temperature Sensor is Noisy

Cabin Temperature Sensor is Noisy

> I have a buzzing noise coming from the A/C sensor in the dash of my 87S4 W/O
> rear A/C. The noise is not the heater/A/C blower fan, and it stops when the
> selector is moved to the off position. What is the sensor called? Can it
> be taken out and repaired? How is it removed? Any help will be appreciated.

There is a fan behind the temperature sensor pulling air thru it so it gets an accurate idea of cabin temperature. This fan and motor assembly is about the diameter of a golf ball, about two golf balls long.

You can disassemble the thing. Clean it (TV tuner cleaner works well). And reassemble. With a 12 volt source on your workbench you can even exercise the motor and see if you've got the noise out before putting your car back together.

Mine had the opposite problem. It stopped. No buzz at all. No wonder the HVAC didn't regulate worth a darn. If it gives me this problem again I'll change its dropping resistor, up the voltage, and fix the little bugger that way before I pay $100 or so for a new one.

If yours is spinning too fast then maybe the dropping resistor has shorted. Think my motor was running at about 7 volts.

The electric motor is wrapped in sound deadening rubber. Rubber dust made my motor dead.

'83 928S

David Kelly N4HHE,

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