G Meter that Plugs into Cigarette Lighter

G Meter that Plugs into Cigarette Lighter

Has anyone on this list used or seen one of these G-tech devices I keep hearing about? They claim to be able to measure 0 - 60 time, 60 - 0 braking distance, lateral G's, and rear-wheel HP and torque, but they don't hook-up to anything, just plug into the cigarette lighter. They claim an accuracy of 1/10 of a second and sell for $140.00. Just wondering if anyone knows if they work or not.

Jim Finley
86.5 auto


Most of the latest G meters use a micro-machined silicon structure that moves slightly under G influences (even reads 1G when pointed at the center of the earth!). When leveled, it reads 0G then samples Gs and relative time data as car accelerates (or when braking, or turning, depends on sensor orientation).

The resulting data can then be integrated (via microcomputer algorithm) to get velocity, then again to get distance. Results (0-60 & 1/4 mile data, rear wheel horespower etc.) are quite repeatable and in good agreement with other methods.

These two www sites have a lot more on the subject:
Supplies units for crash research, fleet vehicle testing, etc.) Get the software demo data.
Site of low cost unit. Can be easily modified (~$100) to stream data to a laptop computer running an EXCEL spreadsheet.

Tom Robertson

See another product at:

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