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Midwest Cruise

Midwest Cruise

Drove the '79 for a few hundred miles yesterday. A very fine day here in the midwest - sunny and cool. Traffic was not as bad as expected, so generally cruised with ease.

Heading East on I94 by Michigan City (Indiana), was cruising around 70 MPH. Passed a black Fiero, who then picked up the pace and rolled in behind me. Soon, saw the lit bubble gum machine of a trooper pull behind the Fiero. Oh no.....what's the limit here? Who is he after? Figured he'd get the both of us, so I eased over to the right hand lane behind a slow moving truck. Fiero stayed in middle lane with trooper now flashing headlights at him. Fiero pulls over behind me with trooper on his tail - then pulls off with trooper. I couldn't believe it. Passed speed limit sign - 55. Slowed down to proper velocity, and had another thing to be thankful for this week.

One other event occured another ten miles down the road. Saw the double headlights of a bike gaining in the middle lane. Guy is dodging cars and trucks, and generally riding very assertively. I'm in middle lane, he in outer lane. Pulls up off my left rear and hangs there for maybe ten seconds. We're going about 65 (speed limit changed). He pulls up by my side. I especially prefer watching the road and maintaining awareness when a bike is near, but glanced to my side. He kept head down and forward. Rolled onto the gas and pulled ahead. When he got about a car length in front, he pulled up onto his rear wheel and wheelied for a very impressive distance. Guess it was his way of saying, "Hi."

JP Rodkey
79 Euro

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