Painting Front Spoiler

Painting Front Spoiler

>Has anyone painted their front spoiler with any success?
>Kevin Berez (kaberez@mindspring.com)
>'86.5 928S Auto Meteormetallic
>928 Owners Club (http://www.928s4vr.com/928OC.html)

Kevin, I have painted parts made of similar material. You will need to and a flexitive agent to the base, and clearcoats. If you want a "smooth" finish ie. no factory "dimples". You will first need to fill the surface of the part with a semi flexible putty or a high-build sandable surfacer primer. To clarify, the same material used on the factory bumper covers. I generally use epoxy primer, sand w/ 320 grit, sealer sand /w 320,400 grit basecoat(color of choice), and finally clearcoat. As far as the basecoat is concerned, use what you feel best about. Sikkens, Deltron, DuPont. In truth they are all about equal. Clearcoat, personally, I like House of Kolor UFC-40 Polyurethane Komply Klear. It is very resistant to chipping, chemicals, and has good flowout and D.O.I.(Distinctness of Image). Whatever you use, follow the manufacture's directions, take your time, and ENJOY. It's a lot of fun to do it yourself. Also, for a small
part like that you don't need a high-end paint gun. In fact you'd probably be better off using a "Jam gun". There easier to handle if your new to painting. THE most important things to remember: CLEAN, DRY AIR,PREPARATION(CLEANING,SANDING,PRIMING,SANDING SANDING SANDING). The shooting is the easy part. PREPARATION IS EVERYTHING! Practice shooting on some "junk stuff". Sheetmetal, plastic similar to what you want to paint. Go to the boneyard find some junk pieces. Hope this was a help. Any questions, feel free to contact me. If you need to call, email and I'll give you my voice number.

Happy Trails,
Dave Shaeffer
1985 S Auto Shieferblau ober Dunkelblau

I did. Not only does it look GREAT, it makes the cars lines flow much better. Additionally, I primed, reprimed and then primed again to make the "texture" disappear - sanding and adding "flex" with every coat. I win my region's concours consistently (it seems that everyone knows that something is different, but can't always figure out what). I also did the same to my rear spoiler.....

The only problem I found is - if you smack your spoiler, you have to go through the whole process again with the new piece!

85 euro 5 sp schwartz 310 hp

Even with the more elastic paints available today, after a few bumps or rocks on the chin spoiler and a few grocery bag leans on the rear deck wing the rubber will cause the paint to eventually crack then craze. Later the sun exposure and water take severe advantage of those crazes and it starts to look really bad.

When the sum of it all comes to looking total crap! You will try to remove it. When you've figured out that it now looks like total **** and are ultimately exhausted with trying to remove the paint (which seemed damn near impossible), you'll do what I did- REPLACE EM!


pat e.

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