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Fluid Leak due to Low Fluid Level

Fluid Leak due to Low Fluid Level

>I've been enjoying our extended summer and having a nice time driving my 928
>daily. This morning I noticed a trail of fluid had followed me into the
>Upon further investigation I discovered that the nasty red stuff was not
>blood, but ATF fluid. It is either coming from around the governor or the
>vent hole on the top of the transmission.......

I had a similar experience on the very first day I owned my '84 shark!!

To make a long story short, it may not be a problem with your tranny at all, and simply that the fluid level got too low. Once you get below some critical level, the transmission starts to over-heat the fluid and it froths up. That stuff actually purges out of an overflow or check valve (-not sure where or indeed how), and you leave a trail behind, perpetuating more of the problem etc..., until you do get some real tranny damage. I'm sure this is a very over-simplified description, but you probably get the idea?!!

You may want to check the level in the reservoir and top it up -- but don't drive too far before re-checking and re-topping, 'til it's full again. If this is a similar problem to my initial - shocking - intro to being a shark-owner, it will not come back again.

I hope this helps!!



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