Air Pump Failure

Air Pump Failure

It seems that I have managed to burn out my second smog pump. The 1st pump was a bit noisy and hadn't been replaced by the PO. After about 2 months agon, on a hot day, it seized up fraying the belt that's attached to the radiator fan. Replaced it with another smog pump 2 months ago that froze up.

Temperatures here are in the mid-teens so am not too worried about an engine heat up unless I'm sitting in traffic ( thank goodness for the large cooling system (water and oil systems) in the 928. Am not thrilled about buying another pump ( have to buy a left front rotor and caliper combination first). Wonder if anyone has any experience replacing smog pumps with a spindle so that I can still run my cooling fan.

Dave Gertman
White, 1980 Euro 928

There is a factory pulley bracket that will replace the smog pump, part # 928.106.080.02. It is however quite pricey, the retail is $247.35, but it can be bought for less.

Another option is to use a small belt that goes directly from the crank pulley to the fan, I have done this successfully a few times and unfortunately can't remember the belt size. I do however remember it was the shortest belt that Pep Boys carried if that helps.

The procedure is fairly simple once you find the correct belt (took a few trial and error fits for me to get it right), simply remove the fan bracket from the engine, install the belt and then bolt the fan bracket back to the engine which will tension it properly if the belt is the correct size.

Hope that helps,

David Roberts

Seems there are a lot of smog pump problems. I had same trouble some years ago. I found that the front ball bearing of the pump can be replaced fairly easily. Your local auto parts store can match it up. I seem to remember that it has a Ford application.

J. Carter '80 928S euro Petrolblau

I use a Browning 4L210 belt. Its 21" around the outside and 4L is the cross section. An "A" section should also work, but I don't believe that they are available that short.

Paul Black
'79 928 5spd Hellblaumetallic (WIP)

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