Spark Plug Removal/Installation

Spark Plug Removal/Installation

>Is there an easy (!) procedure to change the spark plugs?
>The supplied hand tool in the kit is very cool, if somewhat
>disconcerting to apply force not directly
>rotating along the axis of the plug. Using a conventional plug
>socket down that long dark hole of course leaves the socket in place when
>it separates from the socket extension.

The wrench that came in the toolkit seemed nearly useless when I tried to use it in on my '87. So I bought a high-quality (KD tools) socket with integrated U-Joint. The size is 13/16-inch (21 mm?). To solve the problem of the socket tending to stay attached to the installed plug instead of the extension, I tied a length of light-gauge wire to the socket, making it very easy to pull out from that very deep spark plug hole. Works great.

+Greg Nichols
Alexandria, Virginia
'87 928S4, 5-sp, venetian blue

I just replaced the plugs in my 87S4. I used a tool made by Beru and sold by Imparts to remove the plug wires without breaking the boots. It's a custom tool for the Beru boots. This tool is wonderful and prevents many skinned knuckles. It's not shown in their catalog, but the operator will know what you are talking about. Mark, David, DEVEK: do you also sell this tool? If not, you may consider stocking it.

87S4 5sp, red/black, Aiken, SC

We carry the aforementioned Beru tool (P/N ZSA 2) for $42.50 (retail $55.00). Look for more tools to be added to our product lineup soon, also!

Susan Kirby

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