Interior Lights - Intermittant Failure

Interior Lights - Intermittant Failure

Just fixed my problem with interior lights not always coming on when doors were opened. The problem really seemed to be inconsistent and was getting worse all the time.

I was told by David Roberts that the problem was most likely with my interior light relay (number XXI). I took the relay off today and opened it up to see what my engineering degree could get me in the way of trouble shooting. What I found was a blue and white capacitor that had moved a bit over time and was now rubbing against the copper arm of the coil switch mechanism. I carefully seperated all the suspect components away from the movable arm and cleaned the contact points with the good old dielectric and
plugged her back in.

Now when I open the doors I have my interior lights and the trunk release buttons in perfect working order. If I really listen carefully I can now hear the relay "clicking" closed/opened when the door is opened/closed and the light come on/off.

Thanks for the tip David,

89' 5-speed. (undoing the all-to-common "curse of the PO" with a little TLC
and she's getting better all the time)

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