Fuel Gauge Sender Testing

Fuel Gauge Sender Testing

Since the sender is easy to access, you should check for corrosion/dirt at the connector on top of the sender. Assuming all is in order, pull sender from the tank to test the rest of the circuit. It is fairly straight forward to remove the teeny (2mm?) nut on the end of the sender to remove the aluminum protective tube. You can now see the wire and slide that changes resistance signal to the gauge. Be very careful not to stress the wire in any way. By manually sliding the moveable disk up and down, you can see precisely what effect it has on the guage. It's also an easy way to see if the low fuel warning is working properly.

There really is little to go wrong in the sender except a broken wire, making the gauge inop. I don't know about any adjustment available in the sender to tune the circuit, but maybe someone else has the procedure? If sender is okay, trouble has to be in wiring or guage.

Hope this helps.
JP Rodkey
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