Alarm Control Unit

Alarm Control Unit

>I'm working on a 85 928 S4, and the alarm box has gone fruity. I checked
>in the manuals but as near as I could find the manuals didn't say.
>Does any know where the alarm box is mounted in this car?

The alarm box is mounted above the glove box shell. Remove the glove box liner and the ac tubes. It is slipped into a metal retaining slot above the glove box. Has a molex connector full of wires plugged in. Can be unplugged and removed easily.

Brian Robinson

'89 928 S4

Connecting pin 30 to pin 87a on the alarm module bypasses it's alarm function, actuating the EZK relay,
# XVI, sending 12 volts to both the EZK and the LH control modules.

Don Burrows
87 S4

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