Child Seat Recommendation

Child Seat Recommendation

Barry Lenoble wrote:
> One final question: Has anyone used a child safety seat in
> the rear seat? Is there any specific model that fits well?


There are two carseats that will fit:

1) The Century 1000 STE. It is very lightweight and has a safe 5 point harness. Cost is ~$40. Since the rear seat belts of the shark have high mounting points, you'll have to either sit the car seat on top of some folded towels or use another belt (e.g. a ratcheting tie down) to secure it to the rear seat back.

2) Britax Freeway. I gave a friend and her 2yr old a ride to the airport last week and this car seat fit in the rear with no problems. The holes where you pass the seat belt through are mounted very high on the frame of this car seat, so it snugs down in the 928 without any additional padding or belts. The drawback is that it's heavy and expensive ($159). Britax also has a model that can face either forward or backward.

Jim Stadter
'83 928 S 5-speed (U.S. spec)
'88 928 S4 5-speed

I use the Evenflo "Scout" ( in my 85 928S for my 18 month old daughter. It is available at most "Mart" stores. It fits well in the seat although when the seat belt is fastened through it the way it is supposed to, the belt is too high to hold the seat down. To solve this problem we used a suitcase strap (or a good belt might work) as a second belt and fastened it through the holes in the back of the child seat and around the back of the the Porsche seat, and pulled it tight. We also ordered a special belt that connects to the top of the child seat, over the 928's back seat, and attaches to the cleat at the back of the trunk. This is the type of attachment that will be required on all new cars. This seat fits as well in the 928 as it does in a typical sedan.

Fred Michel
'85 928S

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