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928 vs. 911

928 vs. 911

Dateline: January 1999

>....."Up here in the colder regions we don't drive our cars in the
>winter (except Leonard, "'cause he can"). .......

Hey, this is great. Normally, here in Utah, at the 4700 ft elevation we would have a foot of snow in our driveway, 120 inches + at the ski resorts which are 1/2 hour from here, and it would be c-c-c-old!

The sky is blue, the grass is green (well, sort of), the roads are dry and the temp is just under 50 F. Out came the 928 for a cruise. Ended up at the airport (thought I might as well take the other toy out for a ride). As I was opening my hangar doors, the new occupant of the hangar to the side of mine drove up in his 911. He looked relaxed, happy, basically at peace with the world. Ambled over, looked at the 928 and asked if that was one of those "water-cooled, discontinued models". I said yes. I looked at the 911 and asked if that was one of those "air-cooled, soon-to-be-discontinued models". I also casually mentioned that only airplanes should be powered by air-cooled, horizontally opposed six cylinder engines which were designed in the 1950s. Man, so much for "at peace with the world".

Bunch of "the only real Porsche is the 911" stuff deleted. Some 15 minutes later we're on I-80 to decide which is the "real Porsche". A few minutes later I'm about a kazillion miles (well, almost) ahead of him, looking for a flat spot in the median so that I can turn around and go back.

Back at the airport, I asked him if he now wanted to find out which was the faster airplane. He declined with the standard two word phrase consisting of a verb and a pronoun.

Had fun, washed the 928, put it back in the garage. Tilled the garden plot, prepared an area for springtime planting of additional peach trees, now waiting for Rush Limbaugh to come on the air. Is this great, or what?

Where was I going with this......? Oh yeah, what is it you guys in the NE are complaining about?

Walt Konecny
88 S4 A/T

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