Rain Tires

Rain Tires

My 18 inch Continental Sport Contacts started showing cord in December
so it was past time to replace them. This being the first winter that
I planned not to park the 928 (sold my 4x4 truck to make room for my
son's Honda) and since winter in the Pacific Northwest is mostly rain,
I decided to emphasize rain performance in my new tire choices. I had
planned on getting Bridgestone S02's, but discovered Dunlop's new SP
9000's which have very aggressive rain grooves, reasonable performance
specs, were available in the right sizes, and were hundreds of dollars
cheaper than the S02's. Tire Rack had a good comparison test which
stated they were quieter, rode better, and were close to dry
performance of similar tires, the Dunlop SP 8000 and the Michelin
Pilot MXX3. They hadn't yet had a chance to do wet track testing.
Tread pattern looked good so I decided to try them. I went with
225/40-18 on the fronts and 265/35-18 on the rears, all at 36psi.

I ended up using Brian Buxton's tire service to purchase the tires as
he was able to BEAT the Tire Rack's price delivered to my door. Brian
is a true business man, gave good service, and I recommend using him.

Now that I've been driving on the tires for the past month, I can also
recommend them for wet driving. It's been raining a lot and I have had
many chances to try them out. They are also decent in the dry and are
much quieter and smoother riding than the Continentals. For ultimate
auto-x and track performance I have my Kumho's on the factory wheels.

Curtis Eames - 91 GT
Vancouver, WA

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