Good deals on dealer 'take offs'

Good deals on dealer 'take offs'

For those of you looking to upgrade the appearance of your shark, one of the best deals available may be at your local Porsche parts department. My local dealer is selling the new 996 take of sets for $1800. It this is wheels & tires that are new, (usually less than 50 miles) These are 17x7 in the front and 17x9.5 in the rear. You can see a set on my car @ http://www.928s4vr.com/sterling.htm . The caption says they are Boxter Wheels, but I have upgraded to the 996 wheels because the rear is .5 wider than the boxter wheels. Both sets of wheels will fit on the S4's. The tires are usually Continentals, or Bridgestone SO-2's....Food for thought. The only down side is that the front tires are always 205's. As sooon as mine wear out I'm going to a 225 on the front. The rears are 255's, but you can go wider on the 9.5 wheels at a later time.


The rears are NOT 9.5 inches, they are 9.0 inches... you can read it right on the front. The Boxster uses 8.5 width. $1800 is a so-so price, unless they are S-02s, which are harder to come by. Most dealers sell them for about $1600 with Conti and I bought mine for $1200 with MXX3s.

Tom Pultz
Redmond, Washington, USA - Pacific NW Region PCA
'90 944 S2 Coupe, Guards Red/Black

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