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Clutch not Disengaging - Hard Shifts

Clutch not Disengaging - Hard Shifts

I think I may have finally found the reason for my sometimes reluctant shifter (89' w/ 53K and a 2 year old clutch according to PO). As per the always helpfull advice from the people at Devek (thanks Marc) and 928 International (thanks Mark) I was able to determind that my clutch is dragging.

I jacked up the tail end of the car, started it, looked into the inspecion hole near the front of the trany, had a friend engage and dissengage the clutch while in neutral in 30 second intervals. When the clutch pedal was not being touched, I could see the drive shaft spinning the trany very clearly. With the clutch fully engaged I was unable to see any differance in the rotation. Even after 20 - 30 seconds the shaft did not seem to slow at all or show hints of stopping.

I've been told that I could be getting some loss in hydrallic pressure when a specific rubber hose swells when the clutch is engaged. I looked and felt the 1 foot hydrallic rubber hose, the one that runs transversely on the driver side near the started, for signs of swelling during clutch opperation but could find nothing. The hose (it was still a bit cold) never felt or looked as though it was going to give at all and felt very solid.

What do I check from here? What can I fix? Am I looking at a full clutch job to re-do some sort of allignment or adjustment?

If bleeding the system is my next step, any special tricks or advice?

Thanks in advance for any help or experience that anybody can pass on to me. It's a learing experience

Best Regards,


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