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Devek "White Car" Specs

Devek "White Car" Specs

Many of you have asked for some performance specifications on "the white car". Many of the specs were taken with the Gtech which registers on the first movementof the vehicle vs. dragstrip which has an 18" rollout....BTW, being no drag racer, I "melted" the clutch on these runs..only got to make three runs!

1 smog legal (with cats) and fully registered
2 6.5 liter
3 runs on 92 octane diet
4 205 mph top speed to date (radared at the Big Bend open 7/98)
5 12.38 on gtech for 1/4 mile
6 4.38 on gtech for 0 - 60
7 128.5 on gtech for 1/4 mile speed
8 weight ~3600 with driver and gtech operator
9 hwy mileage ~22 mpg
10 411 hp on dynojet
11 472 ft-lbs torque on same dynojet
12 stock cams and engine management (with DEVEK rising rate reg.)
13 engine has over 30,000 miles and is "perfect", car has 140K and is still the prefereed daily driver and test mule!

The next group of engines that I am going to build will be a series of race engines..... "purpose built" for power and endurance/durability. The above engine will go into a nice daily driver......maybe someones S4 or our GTS. Hmmm, a GTS with over 200 mph capability!!! Now thats a "sleeper".........


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