Fluid Leak from Front Left - Power Steering

Fluid Leak from Front Left - Power Steering

>One question: I do see a couple of drops of oil on my floor in the morning.
>It actually drips from the front spoiler (the black plastic strip) on the drivers side.

The oil you see may be from the power steering reservoir or hoses. There is an easy way to repair the leak if it is at the hose connections to the reservoir. Basically, drain/syphon the fluid from the reservoir, remove the hoses from, then remove the reservoir. File any irregularites from the hose nipples. Smooth out the filings, replace the reservoir, and reattach the hoses.

Merry motoring, Ed.

Have you checked the underside (where the hoses connect) of the power steering reservoir? Mine just started leaking there a few days ago. In my case, it's power steering fluid (A/T fluid) and not engine oil.

Walt Konecny
88 S4 A/T

If it is the power steering leaking get it fixed. this is what caused my engine fire.

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