Braided Hose Replacement

Braided Hose Replacement

For those thinking of replacing the cloth braided hoses in the engine bay on 16 valve cars you will need to buy the following hoses.

11 ft of 3.2mm for vaccuum advance and fuel vapour diaphragm (4 lines)
6ft of 7mm for fuel pressure dampers
4ft of 9mm for fuel vapour from inlet manifold (top)
3ft of 13mm for fuel vapour air cleaner box
2ft of 17mm for fuel vapour inlet manifold (bottom)

Lengths are approximated to leave some left over just in case. Diameters are all inner measurements as best I can tell. Based on MY 1982. You'll also need some cable ties to keep the hoses out of harm's way.

Be vewwy carefow when removing the 3.2mm hoses that connect to the thermal valve on the passenger-side cam box as it has plastic connectors that get brittle with the heat. D'oh. Best to get a sharp blade and slice the hose to remove.

Hope this helps somebody.
John McDermott

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