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Throttle Cable Placement

Throttle Cable Placement

>With the recent posting of techniques to improve kickdown response on
>the auto trans, I decided to look into adjusting my cables. But which
>are which?
>After looking at my 1987 S4 auto, there are 4 cables, 2 low on the
>plenum, medial and lateral and 2 above them, medial and lateral. Which
>cables are which? If someone could post the identity of each of the
>cables I would appreciate it.

The 4 Cables on an auto S4 are:

Closest to intake , Top = > Throttle Body
Closest to intake , Bottom = > Accelerator Pedal

Farthest from intake , Top = > A/T Bowden cable (kickdown Cable)
Farthest from intake , Bottom = > Cruise Control

David Roberts

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