Widest Tires for an S4

Widest Tires for an S4

The biggest single handling improvement I have ever made to any of my 928s was when I went to the 9" and 10" Kinesis wheels with 255/40-17s on the front and 265/40-17s on the rear of my S4 (with absolutely no mods). With the special offsets I specified I could run the 265/40-17 on the front also, but am waiting to see when Bridgestone comes out with a 275 or 285 /35-17 in the S-02 Pole Position for my rears (which will also fit without mods due to the offsets I specified on the rears)

It changed the whole character of my S4 and the car now feels very balanced, and the old "front push out" is pretty much eliminated.

David Roberts

The 9" and 10"x17 wheels David mentioned also bolt right onto the Smodel (I just put them on). Fender clearance in the rear is actually better than the stock rims. They really are fabulous, you'll love 'em!

Tim Westby

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