Difference between 90 and 91 GT

Difference between 90 and 91 GT

Cylinder heads
No Cooling Flaps
Various engine sensors
Engine Computers
RDK Units
Brake calipers updated (internally)
Shifter Knob (fatter)
Hand brake Lever is Leather trimmed
Door seals (has additional flap on top of seal to help keep water from
falling inside the car when you open the door).
Full Rear inner fender liners added with foam sound deadening
Different Hood light
"quiet" Alarm LEDs in door lock posts
Updated alarm system brain
Rubber/foam Filler Strip in Vertical Windshield trim cavity between glass
and black trim
Front seat belts different
HVAC control unit updated
Updated air conditioner
Floor and Cargo Carpets has molded foam glued to back of carpet (instead of
a simple die cut flat piece of foam)
Front wipers Blades and mechanism updated
Rear Wiper mechanism updated

Plus lots of other little things.

Disclaimer: Some of these items may have shown up on late 90 models.

David Roberts

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