Registering 928-Euro in the U.S.

Registering 928-Euro in the U.S.

Even though it's been a few months now since I had to register my "new" '82 928S Euro, and thinking that all my problems were over with no-one there believeing the VIN number that I gave them (the 3 Z's in the sequence...WPOZZZ92ZCS840377 threw them, and THANK GOD I had the title with me or they wouldn't have let me register the car. NOW I'm having trouble with my insurance company saying that the VIN number is not right and they took it upon themselves to change the VIN on my insurance policy to WPOJAO etc. Has anyone else on the list had any similar problems when they went to register their Euro sharks? TIA Steve

Yes, I had the EXACT same problem here in NJ - only I didn't get away as easy as you! DMV insisted that I had the wrong VIN, and when I insisted that it was correct, they demanded a face to face inspection of all VIN's on the car. After they realized that the VIN was unaltered, they asked for me to provide an affidavit to my character via a local judge - and only then allowed me to title the car. My insurance company did not want to insure the car, but I threatened them to cancel a $50,000.00 corporate policy if they would not accept the car. They then needed to personally inspect the car to see if it had been federalized......

I will never buy a ZZZ again!

Stuart Zeh
85 928 euro 5sp

I recently purchased an 85 928s Euro and no trouble at all with either the State of Colorado, or my insurance company (American Family). I purchased the car in New Jersey and flew out to get it and drive it home. I had the PO take a picture of the federalization sticker on the driver's side door jamb and e-mail it to me. I then printed it out on photo paper and sent it to my insurance agent. He told me that there would be no trouble with the Euro VIN before I even owned the vehicle. When I got it back to Colorado, I drove to the DMV and told the agent about the VIN. The computer wouldn't take it and said the VIN was "invalid". After my explanation and the proof of insurance cards, she did a manual override and I had plates and registration cards within 5 minutes. My advice would be to contact your insurance agent before you buy the car and see what he can tell you. If the car can be insured then the State has one less reason to worry about having that car on its roads. If he won't insure it, then contact another agent. It's all a matter of personal preference on the agent's part. It may help that I insure 2 other cars and my home with my American Family agent, but I certainly didn't need to threaten him with anything for him to
want to keep me as a satisfied customer.

Jason Butler
85 928s Euro

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For anyone who wants details on costs, conversions, legalities of importing a 928 (or any car) into the US, call Nik & Associates in southern Cal. Their number is 310-973-2686 or 310-973-2680. All cars less than 25 years old imported to the US must be brought in through a converter. Nik & Associates is a customs broker working for the converter.


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